Our mission is to grow the profession by promoting
the inclusion of peer supporters throughout mental and behavioral health systems worldwide.

Join us as we expand our grassroots movement in new and exciting ways. In demonstrating healthy relationships and friendships, the organization and all of those we influence along the way will become stronger. And we even have fun while working on projects together.

We learn together and grow in our ability to…..

  • Demonstrate compassion and hope
  • Understand
  • Expect more and encourage the next step
  • Increase acceptance of those with mental health, substance use, or trauma experiences in their communities of choice
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of hiring peer support providers


Our vision is to make peer support services an option for anyone who needs the compassion and understanding of someone who has been there.

As an organization with international connections, we advocate for the worldwide wisdom that peer support providers have gained from their own experiences to be an important component in mental health treatment and in system transformation.

We believe peer supporters are, in many locations, an untapped resource for the mental health system and those who are being served. We also aim for better working conditions, compensation and the adoption of trauma-informed and recovery-oriented practices.