Supervision Resources

A curriculum for Supervisors: Supporting and Learning from the Peer Workforce

Source: The Transformation Center

Key Words: Supervisor competencies, peer support principles, peer specialist competencies, implementation of peer specialists, organizational culture, recovery principles, job description, evaluation, role clarity


A Guide to Supervising and Developing Young Adult Peer Mentors

Author: Vanessa V. Klodnick

Keywords: Supervisor Competencies, reasonable accommodations, documentation, implementation of peer specialists, TAY, job performance


Enhancing the Peer Provider Workforce – Recruitment, Supervision and Retention

Source: National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

Key Words: Peer specialist competencies, clinical supervision, hiring, retaining


Hiring and Supervising Peer Providers to Support Integrated Care: Recorded Webinars

Author: SAMHSA-HRSA; Center for Integrated Health Solutions

Description: Multiple webinars addressing hiring, retaining, and supervising peer providers, peer specialist employment, peer specialist training, organizational culture, wellness, and recruitment.

Key Words: Peer specialist competencies, peer support principles, implementation of peer specialists, supervisor competencies, retaining peer specialists, hiring peer specialists


Integrated Care In Action Podcast: Strategies For Effective Peer Supervision

This podcast is intended for health plans, health systems, providers, peer support specialists, community-based organizations, and state and federal organizations who provide care to and support dually eligible beneficiaries with behavioral health conditions. 



  • Beverly Haberle, Executive Director, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. 
  • Lena Marder, Clinical Supervisor for Peer Specialists, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • Fred Shue, Certified Recovery Specialist, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.

Mastering Supervision: Moving from Effective to Excellent: April 2015

Author: Jack Bowling, Jeanne Supin, Nick Szubiak

Key Words: Supervisor competencies, clinical supervision, boundaries, culture change


Oh No! We’ve Hired Consumers: Personnel Policies and Practices for People in Recovery

Author: Joshua Koerner, Deborah Max

Key Words: ADA, reasonable accommodations, hiring, retaining, job


Peer Supervision

Source: Café TA Center

Key Words: Supervisor competencies, peer support principles, role clarity, recovery principles, peer specialist competencies, boundaries


Peer Supervision: What’s Working, How and Why, Wolf: April, 2018

Author: Jessica Wolf

Key Words: Trauma informed care, supervisor competencies


Peer Support as Supervisors: 2015

Author: Erme Maula

Key Words: Supervision, role clarity


Peer Support Toolkit

Source: Philadelphia DBHIDS

Key Words: Recovery principles, Organizational culture, Implementation of peer specialists, Supervisor competencies, Reasonable accommodations, Compensation, Satisfaction, Retaining peer specialists, Hiring peer specialists, Job descriptions, Job performance, Boundaries, Dual relationships, Role clarity, documentation, evaluation


Pillars of Peer Support Services Summit Six: Peer Specialist Supervision

Source: The Carter Center

Key Words: Supervisor competencies, job description, implementation of peer specialists, role clarity, organizational culture, evaluation,


SAMHSA BRSS TACS  Supervision of Peer Workers   


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Strategies for Supervising Peer Support Workers: April 2017


Key Words: Supervisor Competencies, peer specialist competencies


Substance Use Disorder Peer Supervision Competencies

Source: The Regional Facilitation Center

Key Words: Supervisor Competencies, recovery principles, boundaries, evaluation, peer specialist competencies, role clarity, organizational culture


Supervising Peer Support Staff: What Does It Take?: May 2018

Author: Laurie Curtis, Cheryl Cagne, Lyn Legere

Key Words: Supervisor competencies, role clarity, peer support principles, reasonable accommodations


Supervision and Peers: Opportunity for Paradigm Shift: August 2017

Author: Jonathan Edwards and Gita Enders

Key Words: Boundaries, role clarity, job descriptions, job performance


Supervisor Guide: Peer Support Whole Health and Wellness

Source: Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network

Key Words: Supervisor Competencies, reasonable accommodations, ADA, job descriptions, peer specialist competencies, boundaries, role clarity, organizational culture


Training and Credentialing Peer Supervisors: 2016

Author: Florence Alberque and Holly Dixon

Key Words: Supervisor competencies, certification


Trauma-Informed Peer Supervisory Practice: 2015

Author: Cathy Cave and Michael Johnan

Key Words: Peer support principles, organizational culture, trauma-informed, supervisor competencies